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Welcome to
Vellichor and More

Vellichor and More is a business in which creativity takes many forms. What began several years ago as a woman selling paintings continues to transform into the multi-faceted business its founder, Jessica Pietro, has envisioned. Now, she sells prints and stickers of her artwork, unique bleach-dyed attire, and various handmade decor.

In December of 2023, Vellichor and More published its first book, A Prelude to an epic fantasy series called The Great King and the Seer. Book one in the series will publish in February, 2024.

Though still in the very early stages of construction, Jessica's goal is to turn Vellichor and More into a brand that helps other makers achieve their visions and find solid ground in this world of self-made creatives.

All About Me

Hey there.

I'm Jessica Pietro, founder of Vellichor and More, and I'd like to welcome you to my site.

I am the wife of the most amazing and supportive husband a woman could ask for and a mom to a wonderful boy who, as I write this, has recently entered ninth grade. I run Vellichor and More from my home while at the same time homeschooling my son and doing all the other thousands of "jobs" we stay-at-home moms have. My husband runs his own construction company, and we are both truly blessed to be living out our dreams.

In recent years, I have spent time in the depths of the darkness that haunts all our souls. I have trudged through the muck on my hands and knees, poking and prodding at the traumas of my heart. This journey of self-understanding, discovery, and love has pierced through my creations in ways I never imagined it would.

I have painted darkness, I have painted light, I have painted pain and fear and heartbreak. I have allowed myself to be stripped bare and laid out for all the world to see, and I am now in the process of writing a fantasy novel series where I continue to lay my heart exposed. Evidence of my journey is woven throughout the story as my characters learn to love, grow, and heal.

It is my hope that others who experience my craft will be captivated by my struggle. That they will be left feeling vulnerable and seen and maybe even understand themselves a little better. Or, at the very least, know for certain they are not alone in their suffering. 

I never dreamed my life would end up this way, but I am so happy and so fortunate that God has allowed me this path. All glory to God!

Some things that bring me joy: movie nights with my boys, creating, adventuring, my kitties, learning, sitting on my front porch chatting with friends, spending time with family, studying my bible, organizing, music, dancing, hiking, anime, kayaking, bubble baths, camping, boardgames, and sitting in a comfy seat with hot tea and a good book.

Find me on my many social media pages by heading over to the "Connect" tab.

Thanks for stopping by.

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