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Vellichor and More originated as a company that sells art. Below you will find links to art prints and stickers, unique bleach-dyed attire, and other random handmade items. Not every item is shown here, but you may follow Vellichor and More on social media for updates on available products.

Artwork and More
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Paint Brushes

I Am Me

a poem by Jessica Pietro

I am an artist, painting the desires of my soul. 

The universe is the landscape of my canvas, begging to experience my design.

I am the music that is the soundtrack to my life.

The rhythm that has forced my feet into motion.

The lyrics that have eaten away at my being,

carving trenches through the depths of my emotion.

I am the books I've explored.

The characters who have engaged me and changed me.

I am every story I've ever heard.

I am the people who have loved me.

I am intimacy.            I am passion.

I am cherished.

I am the friendships that have blessed me. 

An echo of those special people who have touched my heart

and the ones who have broken it.

I am the trials that have strengthened me. 

The lessons I've learned the hard way. 

I am a journey of progression and regression.

I am the melody of the birds.

The wind in the trees at the top of a mountain.

The flames that dance and sway.

I am molded by the places I've been, the things I've seen,

and all the future adventures I have yet to experience. 

I am a reckless dreamer. I am a fervent prayer.

I am the evolution of my spirit.

The ebb and flow of the waves.

I am wild.

The glittering of starlight. 

I am the tears that have flooded my cheeks.

The grief. The trauma produced by this fallen world.

I am the joy of God's creation all around me.

I am beautiful.

I am happiness, love, laughter, and silliness.

I am darkness. I am light. 

I am broken. I am healed.

I am fear. I am hope.

I am all of these things woven together.

I am me.

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